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ICRI Online Learning is an edtech company since 2018 with a view to upskill working professionals in the areas of clinical research , healthcare, aviation and logistics.

We are extremely well known and are pioneers in the field on clinical research and healthcare education , aviation management, logistics and supply chain management and make students job ready in the careers of tomorrow. We provide 100% placement assistance to all our enrolled students online , with an objective of getting a 40% increment in their salary or a change /enhancement of their role.

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One can enrol in our Online courses without having to quit your job.
Our courses help you in getting the desired Salary Hike or higher positions.
The courses are specialized in industries of tomorrow and are well received by students worldwide.



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ICRI Online Learning, A Perfect Gateway to Career Advancement and Skill Development


We are aware of how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected our lives. Still, our everyday lives are adapted due to the harm caused by COVID-19, which is continually a disaster on Earth.

India has a youthful population; thus, professional skills and knowledge are in great demand. Sadly, everyone doesn’t have the time or the resources to pursue full-time schooling. This is when online certificate courses come in handy. ICRI Online Learning’s online certificate courses provide flexibility and cost-effective means of acquiring new and advanced skill sets that broaden knowledge.

This blog will go further into the realm of healthcare management certificate courses online and how they might enhance your life.

What are the Advantages of Gaining Online Certificate Courses?       

Our courses have multiple advantages, including,

  1. Flexibility: Online certificate programs provide an era of geographical flexibility. You can learn at your pace and convenience without having to hamper your employment or any other obligations.
  2. Affordable: ICRI Online Learning offers less expensive courses than conventional courses. This initiative helps students save expenditures on travel, accommodation, and other expenses.
  3. Extensive Knowledge: Online certifications are meant to gain specialized, extensive knowledge and abilities in different fields. With ICRI Online Learning, you can select a course according to your job profile and interests.
  4. Build Strong Networking Opportunities: ICRI Online Learning’s courses extend better networking opportunities among fellow students and expert professionals per your specialization and field of interest. You have a full-fledged opportunity to grow and connect with individuals for your professional growth.
  5. Career Advancement: Online certification program help advance your career by adding relevant and fruitful abilities to your resume. Companies seek candidates with extensive knowledge and skills in their particular field.

Popular Courses by ICRI Online Learning

We bring a variety of courses in specialized domains. These are a few of the most popular :

  1. Logistics & Supply Chain: certificate courses in Logistics are the most popular programs for building future industry titans and delivering cutting-edge skills to potential students seeking employment prospects in highly competitive sectors. Logistics courses from ICRI Online Learning provide learners with highly functional training abilities.
  2. Clinical Research: Online platforms such as ICRI Online Learning offers an online clinical research certificate course that helps students understand the regulatory requirements and ethical frameworks required to conduct clinical trials.
    This course emphasizes practical and hands-on training in the future with a surging emphasis on theoretical and online knowledge. This resembles the COVID-19 pandemic and the trend toward work-from-home setup and online learning.
  1. Psychology: ICRI Online Learning offers social psychology courses in India tailored from the ground up by an experienced educator. This course includes video content, cognitive activities, external resources, and multiple quizzes to help students stay on track.
  2. Pharmacovigilance: Pharmacovigilance is the process of monitoring the safety of drugs, medical equipment, and other medical goods on the market. It includes collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data on adverse events and other safety concerns. The purpose of this online course is to ensure that the benefits of drugs are worth the risks.
  3. Nutrition & Dietetics: Dietetics and nutrition is a specialist field that works with food products and their nutritional attributes, customizing them to patients’ or individuals’ health and fitness demands. ICRI Online Learning’s Online Nutrition Course serves as the foundation for various courses and disciplines such as food nutrition and health, nutrition education themes, community nutrition and health, food safety, and so on.

 ICRI Online Learning offers several other courses apart from those mentioned above. What’s more? You can take the courses at your speed from anywhere worldwide. Hence, if you want to further your profession, ICRI’s online certificate courses are the way to go.


You’re probably wondering if ICRI Online Learning’s programs are a suitable fit for you. Guess what? It is! Our online courses are created solely for busy working people who want to learn new skills and gain information to prosper in their careers without abandoning their jobs. Our practices are economical and can be completed in as little as six months. You will have access to the finest quality training from professionals and the opportunity to learn at your speed and time.

So, what are you waiting for? Join today and pave your way to professional success!

Frequently Asked Questions - Clinical Research

We offer a broad range of courses to help you develop your skills to thrive. Our courses are meant to be adaptable to your chaotic timetable. We offer a variety of courses, including aviation management, health, food and nutrition, and many others. 

Online healthcare administration courses provide comprehensive, in-depth information and requirements to excel in this profession. Healthcare management institutions, such as ICRI Online Learning, charge lower tuition than other degree programs, making them an attractive option for those looking to join the healthcare administration field.

We are well-known and pioneers in clinical research and healthcare education, aviation management, logistics, and supply chain management, and we prepare students for jobs in the future. We offer 100% placement assistance to all enrolled students online to obtain a 40% raise in their pay or a change/enhancement in their position.

Yes! You’ll have access to high-quality guidance from experienced professionals and the freedom to study quickly. Enrol in online career training immediately and begin your path to professional achievement!

After obtaining a PG Diploma in Psychology in India, you can work in various fields such as therapy, clinical psychology, research, human resources, education, and social work. ICRI Online Learning leads you to attain 100% placement in mental health clinics, colleges, research organisations, non-governmental organisations, and businesses.

This field’s professionals are in charge of guaranteeing the safety of drugs and medical equipment. They also guarantee that clinical trials are conducted securely and by procedure. Pharmacovigilance online classes with certificates guide practitioners in accelerating the process of bringing life-changing medicines to market by ensuring that clinical trials run smoothly.

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