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What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In The Public Health Sector?

Nowadays, Patients can consult directly to doctors and re-fills their medications without ever leaving the house. Now, they able to monitor their health by a smartwatch, access their medical history & records, more easily share related information with those they trust. They can install mobile apps that monitors their calorie intake and continuously track their blood pressure. These days, Modern People can take care of their own health.

It’s almost clear: The only constant in public health is change. For instance, the field requires new specialized leaders with a population health viewpoints who understand the facts facing today’s patients, practitioners & policy makers, and can apply frequently emerging technologies to resolve health discrepancies facing communities locally as well as abroad.

If you’re interested in becoming one of those leaders, earning a master’s in public health could be the next best step in your career.

What Is a PG DIPLOMA in Public Health

A PG DIPLOMA in Public Health is used to train students,  on how to protect and improve the health of populations worldwide effectively? In this programme , you’ll come to know more about the issues targeting communities worldwide & how to compete with those challenges through educational programmes, public health policies, services & research.

Common Career for Public Health Graduates.

If you’re planning in establishing your own public health career, there are a various paths to choose. The program intersects with pharmaceuticals, science, business, law and technology— enabling student to combine their ambitions to find the right one.

1) Healthcare Administrators

Annual Average Salary: approx. $98,000 Job Growth estimated by 2026: approx. 20% Healthcare administrators overlook the daily routine operations of a hospital, physician practice, research lab. They prepare & plan to achieve organizational goals, manage the facility’s finances, cost, budget and work for ensuring that patients are receiving standard quality & efficient care or not.

2) Epidemiologists

Annual Average Salary: approx. 70000$ Job Growth Estimated by 2026: 10% Epidemiologists observe & study, the patterns of disease and aim to expand health outcomes through publishing research articles, developing community education for public awareness programs, or creating new health policies. They gather, analyse, and share data to health practitioners, policymakers, and the public, and work to counteract future occurrences.

3) Dieticians & Nutritionists

Annual Average Salary: approx. 60000$ Job Growth Estimated by 2026: 15% Duty of the Dieticians is to assess patients’ nutritional necessities and counsel them on healthy eating habits. They prepares individual meal plans for patients & remain engaged with other healthcare professionals for coordination and improvement in patient care. They might also arrange educational workshops or manage food quality in hospitals, schools, and day care facilities. There are more of field to choose based upon your interest and their salaries varies from 30000-40000$ per year, some exclusive areas are as follows,

4) Substance Abuse, Behavioural Disorder, & Mental Health Counsellors

5) Medical Records & Health Information Technicians