Certificate in

Logistics industry

Certificate in Logistics

Duration of COURSE – 3 Months

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Minimum 18 years of age and high school completion or equivalent. Students need competency in, or completion of a basic computer operations course.


This course gives you the deep insight of the management aspects of Logistics like Warehouse & Inventory Management, Principles & Practices of Management, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce, Application of ICT in Supply Chain Management, etc.
The multibillion-dollar Logistics industry at present employs over 16.74 million employees and it is expected to employ more than 28.4 million employees by 2022.
Therefore, this sector will have one of the utmost incremental human resource requirement of around 11.7 million by 2022.

What will you study

Basics of Logistics
Role of Supply Chain Management
operation management


Customer Service Manager
Process Associate
Logistics Engineer
Vendor Managed Inventory Controller
Warehouse Operations Manager
Systems Support Manager

Learn Logistics & Supply Chain Management Online with ICRI

The transportation of goods and services is a crucial part of every business. The logistics business is one of the growing sectors in the Indian economy that has surged in recent years. 

According to ICRA research, infrastructure expenditure has pushed the logistics business in India and is expected to surpass 9% to 10% per annum.  As a result, online logistics courses in India have emerged, providing excellent education and training ambitious logistics professionals. 

This blog will dwell on some of the best online certificate program in logistics available in India and the advantages of taking them.

Apply for Online Certificate Program Logistics with ICRI Online Learning

Are you planning to enroll in online logistics courses in India? Here’s everything you need to know about:

Do you want to work on a global scale? This profession offers many work opportunities for those with diversified skill sets and experiences. If this sounds like you, logistics is the key to getting an online logistics course in India. 

Redefine your career in the logistics and supply chain industry. Individuals with ample experience and who have worked in the supply chain business are more likely to consider systematic planning and strategically driven procedures to stay up with the ever-changing needs of the logistics and supply chain industries.

Online certificate program for Logistics is one of the trendy programs to develop future industry leaders and provide cutting-edge expertise to deserving students interested in pursuing job opportunities in the most in-demand industries. Logistic learners will gain functional training skills involved in logistics through multiple approaches and strategies with this online logistics course in India. This digital online logistics course in India provides learners with the flexibility to study at their pace and according to their schedule.

Advantages of Pursuing Online Logistics Courses in India

  • Flexibility: ICRI Online Learning’s renowned online logistics course in India provides flexibility in terms of time and duration. We offer less expensive courses than conventional classroom-based courses. This way, it helps our students access these courses to a broader range. 
  • Industry Experts’ Advice: With years of expertise, ICRI Online Learning offers students our specialized online logistics course in India. ICRI’s industry leaders provide students with information and hands-on experience.
  • Professional Advancement: Enrolling in an online certificate program in logistics allows students to improve their skills and knowledge, help them get valuable job experience, and build their careers in the logistics and supply chain industries.

Get Online Certificate Program Logistics from ICRI Online Learning

An online certificate program in logistics provides you with significant, in-depth information and requirements to advance in this sector. Logistics universities, such as ICRI Online Learning, charge lower tuition than other degree programs, making them an intriguing option for those looking to enter the logistics and supply chain management field.

Another benefit of receiving an online certificate program in logistics is that you may learn at your pace and at your convenience. This aspect of ICRI Online Learning is proven beneficial for people who work as professional experts and want to develop their abilities while still working.

Career Prospects for Logistics Professionals in India

As mentioned above, logistics is a crucial industry for India’s economy, contributing massively to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Market revenue is estimated to skyrocket from $9.1 billion (2019) to $75.0 billion by 2030 at 21.1% CAGR throughout the forecast period (2020-2030).

Logistics professions in India have a bright future. As the sector expands, so will the demand for competent individuals in supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, and logistics technology.

Furthermore, government initiatives such as the ‘Make in India’ campaign and the National Logistics Strategy aim to develop the country’s logistics infrastructure, resulting in more career prospects in the industry.

Overall, the logistics industry in India seems to be developing and expanding, providing several chances for workers to learn and adapt to changing technologies and business procedures.

Bottom Line

ICRI Online Learning’s online logistics courses in India provide students and working professionals with an excellent opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management. These courses are adaptable, affordable, and give access to industry experts. Acing an online certificate program in logistics can help students advance their careers and enhance the logistics business.

Affordable :

ICRI online learning offers this career-oriented program at affordable pricing which allows you to make this course your top choice.

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