Certificate in
Nutrition & Dietetics

Certificate Nutrition & Dietetics

Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics

Duration of COURSE – 3 Months

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Minimum 18 years of age and high school completion or equivalent. Students need competency in, or completion of a basic computer operations course.


Students will study the food chemistry and its effects on human body. The 3 months course helps students to become skilled enough to counsel people regarding the eating habits that lead towards improved life style contributing to the human well being.
All graduates can pursue this short term with Arts & Home Science background. Nutrition and Dietetics concept is related to human nutrition which helps you become an effective learner and practitioner in all fields of dietetic practice. The course allows you to build advanced skills in implementation of research in the field of human nutrition and dietetics.

What will you study

Principal of Nutrition
Community Food
Food Science
Food Management
Quality & Quantity Management
Food Chemistry
Application of Nutrition & benefits


Public Health Nutritionist
Food product scientist
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Food safety Auditor
Wellness consultant
Nutrition Service manager
Clinical Dietitian

Online Nutrition Certificate Program

3 reasons to take an Online Certificate Course in Nutrition and Dietetics from ICRI

If you’re passionate about nutrition and dietetics, ICRI’s online certificate Course in nutrition and dietetics can help you take your career to the next level. This fast-track online certificate Course in nutrition and dietetics can help you continue your education so that you can practice as a registered dietitian or work toward becoming one, teach at the university level or pursue other advanced positions in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Plus, our online nutrition certificate program fits easily into your busy schedule, so you’ll be able to complete it on your own time without having to worry about missing school or work commitments.

Distance Learning

ICRI online learning offers a diverse distance learning opportunity including an online nutrition certificate program. Distance learning is a great way to keep up with the latest information on nutrition and dietetics without having to be present on campus. It also has the added benefit of being convenient for those who have family obligations or other scheduling conflicts that prohibit them from attending traditional classes. Some people are concerned about not getting enough hands-on training while they are enrolled in a distance learning course like our nutrition certification online, but this is often not the case at all. One reason for this is that students have access to live chat with instructors during class time so they can get questions answered right away and get individualized help as needed. We are offering the best dietician course online, you should enroll.


-All materials are available on the web
-Accessible 24/7 through your own device
-Complete at your own pace with no deadlines

Online Certificate Coursework Offered by ICRI

The ICRI online learning offers nutrition certifications online, a job-oriented program for Individuals who are looking for career enhancement or personal enrichment may find the dietitian course online with a certificate. The instructors at ICRI provide a global perspective on these topics with years of experience that students can learn from as well as ask questions about their specific concerns with regard to nutrition and dietetics. In addition, each dietician certificate course online is self-paced so individuals will not have any scheduling conflicts while they work through the curriculum there is no limit on how many courses someone can take so they can always choose which ones suit them best!


The decision of whether or not you should pursue a career as a nutritionist is one that needs time and thought. But, with the best dietician course online offered by the ICRI, online learning you'll be well-equipped with the necessary skill sets to cater to the demand of the industry.

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