Certificate in
Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics

Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics

Duration of COURSE – 3 Months

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  • What Will you Study
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Minimum 18 years of age and high school completion or equivalent. Students need competency in, or completion of a basic computer operations course.


Students will study the food chemistry and its effects on human body. The 3 months course helps students to become skilled enough to counsel people regarding the eating habits that lead towards improved life style contributing to the human well being.
All graduates can pursue this short term with Arts & Home Science background. Nutrition and Dietetics concept is related to human nutrition which helps you become an effective learner and practitioner in all fields of dietetic practice. The course allows you to build advanced skills in implementation of research in the field of human nutrition and dietetics.

What will you study

Principal of Nutrition
Community Food
Food Science
Food Management
Quality & Quantity Management
Food Chemistry
Application of Nutrition & benefits


Public Health Nutritionist
Food product scientist
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Food safety Auditor
Wellness consultant
Nutrition Service manager
Clinical Dietitian

Take the Dietician Certificate Course Online with ICRI Online Learning

Welcome to our extensive, all-encompassing online nutrition certificate program! If you want to earn an online certificate course in nutrition and dietetics, start with the best curriculum accessible from ICRI Online Learning.

Why Should You Get a Nutrition Certification Online?

There are multiple reasons why anybody can pursue a dietitian course online with a certificate with ICRI Online Learning.

Flexibility: One of the great advantages of receiving a dietician course online with a certificate is its convenience and flexibility. This dietician certificate course online from ICRI Online Learning with a duration of three months can be obtained anywhere in the world with a good internet connection and according to your feasible time. We help you balance your prior commitments like a job or family duties.

Affordable: Another benefit of gaining an online certificate course in nutrition and dietetics from ICRI Online Learning is they are less expensive than other courses available. We don’t apply for campus-based or commute fees. Thus, online courses are affordable and reasonable choices for everyone.

Wider Career Opportunities: Unlike traditional classes, virtual courses provide several professional career advancement opportunities. Furthermore, for students who are not working, ICRI Online Learning’s nutrition certification online can be used to explain any gaps or inconsistencies in a Résumé. In either case, the benefits of virtual learning may be visible on a CV.

How Will an Online Nutrition Certificate Program Help You?

The dietician certificate course online differs from the program you select. However, most of the programs offered cover basic concepts such as:

  • Nutrition Fundamentals 
  • Importance of Macronutrients, Micronutrients in the Body Nutrition for Certain Groups.
  • Nutrition’s Role in Illness Prevention and Management
  • Healthy Eating Habits Development Strategies
  • Such programs also include courses like nutrition certification online exercise Science, Weight Management, and Public Health.

Discover the Best Dietician Course Online for a Successful Career

If you want to become a dietician, taking the best dietician course online can be a great getaway to gain the knowledge and skills you need to upgrade.

We have mentioned below some of the available career opportunities you can avail of after registering for the ICRI Online Learning’s course.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist



  1. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN):  An RDN is a healthcare professional who has earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related discipline, a supervised practice program, and a national test. RDNs operate in several settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, and community health initiatives.
sports nutritionist



2. Sports Nutritionist: Athletes and sports nutritionists work together to improve their diets for the best achievement. These professionals work with individuals and with teams. Their duties include creating meal plans, offering nutrition instruction, and evaluating athletes’ performance and development.

Public Health Nutritionists



3. Public Health Nutritionists: These professionals work for the betterment of the community for its well-being and encourage healthy eating habits to avoid nutrition-related illnesses. These individuals work for the government, a non-profit organization, or healthcare facilities.

Food Service Management


4. Food Service Management: Individuals working as food service manager is in charge of monitoring the food service establishments in restaurants, hospital, schools, and corporate dining rooms. These include menu planning, budgeting, getting supplies, and personnel management

Health & Fitness Coach



5. Health & Fitness Coach: Health and Fitness coaches help their clients develop and attain their health and well-being. They work in both ways, with clients, one-on-one or collectively as a group that helps them focus on food, exercise, stress reduction, and other aspects of well-being.

Overall, getting the best dietician course online can give you a perfect path to career advancements in the nutrition and dietetics field. Getting hands-on ICRI Online Learning’s online certificate course in nutrition and dietetics will help you explore career options and choices within the field depending on your interests and ambitions.


You’re probably wondering if the dietitian course online with certificate in India offered by ICRI Online Learning is a good match for you. It is! Our online certificate courses are designed significantly for busy working individuals who want to learn new skills and gain knowledge to advance in their professions without leaving their employment. Our courses are inexpensive and can be finished within three months. You will receive access to the highest quality instruction from professionals and the ability to study at your pace and on your schedule.

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