Certification in SAS Programing
for Clinical Research

ICRI - Certificate in Pharmacovigilance

Certification in SAS Programing for Clinical Research

Duration of COURSE – 3 Months Mode- Online

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  • Course Content
  • What Will you Study




Aspirant ought to have a bachelor’s / Master’s degree in B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy, Pharm D, Bio- Technology, MBBS, MD, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, BAMS, BPT/ M.Sc. (Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics/ Chemistry/ Genetics/ Botany/ Zoology/ Life Sciences/ Biomedical Genetics / Molecular Bio Sciences / Statistics).



  • To develop SAS macros, templates, and utilities for data cleansing and reporting.
  • To make sure the CRF complies with the protocol guidelines to ensure consistency and validity.
  • To create a SAS program to generate tables, lists and diagrams, and analytical datasets.
  • To check CRF annotations and data labels.
  • To collaboration with biostatistics and data management members in various clinical projects.
  • To identify and process checks according to your data validation or data management plan.
  • To survey management reports using SAS.
  • To validation of programmed analytical datasets, tables, lists, and diagrams. • Perform the analysis defined in the statistical analysis.
  • To develop SAS coding and table templates for the preparation, processing and analysis of clinical data.
  • To establish data transfer monitoring for ongoing issues to conduct research or identify issues with data quality.


  • Online classes by industry experts
  • Live Sessions
  • Anytime access to recorded sessions
  • 100% placement Assistance


  • To read raw data files and SAS data sets
  • To investigate and summarize data by generating frequency tables and descriptive statistics
  • To create SAS variables and recode data values
  • To subset data
  • To combine multiple SAS files
  • To create listing, summary, HTML, and graph reports
  • SAS curriculum is mapped to globally recognized credentials
  • Inclusive learning methods encourage trainee’s active participation
  • Training executed only by immensely experienced SAS accredited trainers
  • Latest SAS software used for training with SAS proprietary datasets
  • Internationally recognized credential directly from SAS

What will you study

Essentials : 1

  •  the SAS programming process
  •  using SAS programming tools
  •  understanding SAS syntax
  • Accessing Data
  •  understanding SAS data
  •  accessing data through libraries
  •  importing data into SAS
  • Exploring and Validating Data
  •  exploring data
  •  filtering rows
  •  formatting columns
  •  sorting data and removing duplicates
  • Preparing Data
  •  reading and filtering data
  •  computing new columns
  •  conditional processing
  • Analyzing and Reporting on Data
  •  enhancing reports with titles, footnotes, and labels
  •  creating frequency reports
  •  creating summary statistics reports
  • Exporting Results
  •  exporting data
  •  exporting reports
  • Using SQL in SAS
  •  using Structured Query Language in SAS
  •  joining tables using SQL in SAS

Data Manipulation Techniques: 2

  • Controlling DATA Step Processing
  •  setting up for this course
  •  understanding DATA step processing
  •  directing DATA step output
  • Summarizing Data
  •  creating an accumulating column
  •  processing data in groups
  • Manipulating Data with Functions
  •  understanding SAS functions and CALL routines
  •  using numeric and date functions
  •  using character functions
  •  using special functions to convert column type
  • Creating Custom Formats
  •  creating and using custom formats
  •  creating custom formats from tables Combining Tables
  •  concatenating tables
  •  merging tables
  •  identifying matching and nonmatching rows
  • Processing Repetitive Code
  •  using iterative DO loops
  •  using conditional DO loops
  • Restructuring Tables
  •  restructuring data with the DATA step
  •  restructuring data with the TRANSPOSE procedure

Course Content

SAS Base Programming (self-paced/online) –

SAS eLearning are a set of teaching and learning tools designed to enhance users learning experience. It includes self-explanatory audio-video tutorials, assessments, course notes, certification prep guide & more.

Statistical Analysis System, or SAS, has been the industry standard for data management and analytics of large volumes of data. It’s a very flexible platform that provides users various means to manipulate, analyze, process, and report on data.

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