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Certification in SAS Programing for Clinical Research

Duration of COURSE – 3 Months Mode- Online

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  • Highlight
  • Course Content
  • What Will you Study



Aspirant ought to have a bachelor’s / Master’s degree in B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy, Pharm D, Bio- Technology, MBBS, MD, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, BAMS, BPT/ M.Sc. (Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics/ Chemistry/ Genetics/ Botany/ Zoology/ Life Sciences/ Biomedical Genetics / Molecular Bio Sciences / Statistics).



  • To develop SAS macros, templates, and utilities for data cleansing and reporting.
  • To make sure the CRF complies with the protocol guidelines to ensure consistency and validity.
  • To create a SAS program to generate tables, lists and diagrams, and analytical datasets.
  • To check CRF annotations and data labels.
  • To collaboration with biostatistics and data management members in various clinical projects.
  • To identify and process checks according to your data validation or data management plan.
  • To survey management reports using SAS.
  • To validation of programmed analytical datasets, tables, lists, and diagrams. • Perform the analysis defined in the statistical analysis.
  • To develop SAS coding and table templates for the preparation, processing and analysis of clinical data.
  • To establish data transfer monitoring for ongoing issues to conduct research or identify issues with data quality.


  • Online classes by industry experts
  • Live Sessions
  • Anytime access to recorded sessions
  • 100% placement Assistance


  • To read raw data files and SAS data sets
  • To investigate and summarize data by generating frequency tables and descriptive statistics
  • To create SAS variables and recode data values
  • To subset data
  • To combine multiple SAS files
  • To create listing, summary, HTML, and graph reports
  • SAS curriculum is mapped to globally recognized credentials
  • Inclusive learning methods encourage trainee’s active participation
  • Training executed only by immensely experienced SAS accredited trainers
  • Latest SAS software used for training with SAS proprietary datasets
  • Internationally recognized credential directly from SAS

What will you study

Essentials : 1

  •  the SAS programming process
  •  using SAS programming tools
  •  understanding SAS syntax
  • Accessing Data
  •  understanding SAS data
  •  accessing data through libraries
  •  importing data into SAS
  • Exploring and Validating Data
  •  exploring data
  •  filtering rows
  •  formatting columns
  •  sorting data and removing duplicates
  • Preparing Data
  •  reading and filtering data
  •  computing new columns
  •  conditional processing
  • Analyzing and Reporting on Data
  •  enhancing reports with titles, footnotes, and labels
  •  creating frequency reports
  •  creating summary statistics reports
  • Exporting Results
  •  exporting data
  •  exporting reports
  • Using SQL in SAS
  •  using Structured Query Language in SAS
  •  joining tables using SQL in SAS

Data Manipulation Techniques: 2

  • Controlling DATA Step Processing
  •  setting up for this course
  •  understanding DATA step processing
  •  directing DATA step output
  • Summarizing Data
  •  creating an accumulating column
  •  processing data in groups
  • Manipulating Data with Functions
  •  understanding SAS functions and CALL routines
  •  using numeric and date functions
  •  using character functions
  •  using special functions to convert column type
  • Creating Custom Formats
  •  creating and using custom formats
  •  creating custom formats from tables Combining Tables
  •  concatenating tables
  •  merging tables
  •  identifying matching and nonmatching rows
  • Processing Repetitive Code
  •  using iterative DO loops
  •  using conditional DO loops
  • Restructuring Tables
  •  restructuring data with the DATA step
  •  restructuring data with the TRANSPOSE procedure

Course Content

SAS Base Programming (self-paced/online) –

SAS eLearning are a set of teaching and learning tools designed to enhance users learning experience. It includes self-explanatory audio-video tutorials, assessments, course notes, certification prep guide & more.

Statistical Analysis System, or SAS, has been the industry standard for data management and analytics of large volumes of data. It’s a very flexible platform that provides users various means to manipulate, analyze, process, and report on data.

Certification in SAS Programming

5 Reasons Why Certification in SAS Programming from ICRI is Ideal for Clinical Research

ICRI has been in the industry for decades now and offers certification in SAS programming, which can help clinical research organizations improve their data analysis and reporting capabilities. Here are five reasons why certification in SAS programming from ICRI can be of great value to clinical research organizations, as well as some examples of organizations that have already benefited from certification in SAS programming.

Clinical researchers who understand data will be more successful

Becoming certified in SAS programming can help clinical researchers work with data more effectively and create a better experience for themselves. With that said, there are five reasons why certification in SAS programming from ICRI can be ideal. Clinical researchers who understand data will be more successful. These practitioners will have a better understanding of how to create reports, perform analyses, and design experiments—and they'll have the skills necessary to do this on their own without having to rely on someone else.

It Builds Confidence

Confidence to be an expert. Confidence to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Confidence to collaborate with more experienced colleagues. Confidence that your work will be accepted without question, regardless of whether it's been reviewed by experts or not.

Ensures Better Teamwork

ICRI offers SAS programming for clinical research that will help you become an expert on the software giving you extensive knowledge. This certification allows you to work more efficiently with clinical research teams by understanding the data that is being processed, how it's being used, and what it can be used for. The certification also ensures better teamwork within clinical research teams by providing a common language and knowledge of the system to communicate with one another.

Allows Closer Monitoring of Processes

ICRI's SAS programming course offers the best of both worlds: it enables you to stay up-to-date on the latest research and analysis methods, while also ensuring that your skills are always at the forefront. That way, you can maintain a close watch on processes to ensure that everything stays on track.

Provides Accurate Results

SAS is a statistical programming language that provides a set of tools for processing data and performing statistical analysis. It's designed to provide accurate results and transparency, making it the perfect choice for clinical research.

Why Choose ICRI?

ICRI offers Certification in SAS Programming FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH to ensure that you have the knowledge and unmatched skills needed to work with clinical research data. You will learn how to set up data structures, write basic functions, and more. This course covers the use of the following packages: Base SAS, DATA Step Language (DSL), PROC SQL, DATA Step Compiler (DSP), and more.

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