PG Diploma in

Diploma in Aviation

PG Diploma in aviation

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

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All Graduates with minimum 50% can apply for this course.


The Indian aviation industry has moved from being a government-owned industry to being a privately owned full-service airline and low-cost carriers.
Foreign equity up to 100% is allowed by the means of automatic approvals pertaining to the establishment of Greenfield Airports and up to 74% to the existing airports.
The industry directly providing more than 23.5 million jobs per year.
Passenger growth has grown from 40m to 110m in the last 5 years and is expected to grow up to 150m by 2020.
Approx. 2.5-5 lacs jobs being created in the Indian Aviation Industry.
In the present scenario, around 115 domestic airlines & above 60 international airlines are being operated in India.
Infrastructure modernization, huge investment, expanding air fleet & with ever-growing economy AVIATION is the biggest sector in terms of career.

What will you study

In-flight Services and Crises Management
Airport Ground Handling and Operations
Aviation Enterprise Management
Personality Development and English Language
French Language
Aviation Communication
Airline Ground Operations and In-flight
Aviation Law and Safety, Security
Travel & Tourism Management
Hospitality and Public Relations
Business Communications
Computer Applications


Management Trainee with Airlines and Airports
Asst. Manager at Warehouses of Airports, Airlines and Logistic Companies
Cargo Supervisors
Guest Service Manager
Asst. Manager Logistics
Asst. Customer Relations Manager
Asst. Managers in Ticketing firms

Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management

Why ICRI’s Online PG Diploma in Aviation Management is a cut above the rest?

Are you planning o take your career in aviation management to the next level? ICRI's Online Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management is the perfect option! This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the aviation industry and allied sectors. With a comprehensive curriculum, flexible learning options, and expert faculty members, this program provides an unparalleled education in aviation management. This blog post will look at why ICRI's Online PG Diploma in Aviation Management stands out from the competition

Experts from the industry design the online diploma course

The ICRI Diploma in Aviation Management online is designed to give learners a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry. The program focuses on the various aspects of aviation management, from airline operations to airport management and safety. It is designed and developed by experienced professionals from the aviation industry so that students can understand the current trends and challenges in the field.

The course consists of modules covering customer service, safety regulations, financial management, strategic marketing, legal and regulatory aspects, airline operations, air transport economics, aircraft maintenance, and engineering, flight planning, and airport management. Each module includes theoretical concepts, case studies, and practical activities to ensure that students gain in-depth knowledge of the field. The online Post graduate diploma in Aviation management also includes a virtual project that allows students to apply their knowledge to a real-world scenario. The project is closely monitored by experts who provide guidance and feedback throughout the project.

The course is designed to help students get placed with top airlines and allied areas.

ICRI's Online PG Diploma in Aviation Management is designed to help students gain a competitive edge in the aviation industry. The course helps students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work in aviation management roles. It provides an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of the aviation sector, such as safety, operations, maintenance, customer service, and business management.

Overall, ICRI's Online Diploma in Aviation Management Online allows students to gain valuable experience and acquire relevant skillsets in aviation management. With the help of this program, students can become better prepared for employment opportunities in this sector and make a successful career out of it.

Why choose ICRI?

With the ICRI Online PG Diploma in Aviation Management, students can acquire the skills needed to pursue careers in the aviation industry. Experienced industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the field teach students. The online format ensures that students can learn at their own pace, with the support of faculty members available for guidance. With this online diploma, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry that will help them succeed in their chosen career paths.

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ICRI Online Learning with a vision to provide skill based learning to make them eligible for high paying future jobs in the field of Aviation Management, has designed PG Diploma in Aviation Management for all graduates.

ICRI Online Learning offers you 100% placement with its industry network. You will be referred to 3 companies based on your performance.

You will be referred to three companies but in order to be referred, you need to secure min 50% marks. Referred company reserves all the rights to accept or decline your candidature.

When candidature is rejected by referred company,

When the performance is not up to the mark during the course duration or in interview.

It is available only if you withdraw your application in 48 hrs.

All courses have been created by ICRI after industry survey and feedbacks hence they are provided by ICRI only.

ICRI Online Learning is India’s first & the largest institute in online education of new age courses in Aviation & Logistics. Its parent organization has won 11+ awards for being the best institute for Aviation & Logistics.

ICRI Online learning is the leading educationist in Aviation & Logistics. As a matter of fact, the educational awareness was started by its parent organization ICRI which is currently working with world’s leading organizations like ICAO for supporting online education and in-fact is having AAI (Airport Authority of India) as nationally acclaimed body for training & recruitment. ICRI is the oldest organization in Aviation & Logistics.

You need to pay the complete payment in one go. Students have been given relaxation in form of installments of fee which is not greater than the three installments.

Candidates are eligible to get interviewed by three companies. Candidates will not be forced to join. ICRI Online Learning only guarantees the referral.

If you have been given offer by the first company, you will only be referred to 2nd company and not the 3rd one. As per placement terms, candidate can reject only one offer after being selected.

If you are rejected by first two companies, you will be directed to the third one then

ICRI online learning provides flexible timing of learning

Pre-recorded sessions by the experts or faculty of domain

Students will have their own login panel.