PG Diploma in

Online MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management

PG Diploma in Logistics

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

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Minimum 18 years of age and Bachelors degree completion or equivalent. Students need competency in, or completion of a basic computer operations course.


This course gives you the deep insight of the management aspects of Logistics like Warehouse & Inventory Management, Principles & Practices of Management, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce, Application of ICT in Supply Chain Management, etc.
The multibillion-dollar Logistics industry at present employs over 16.74 million employees and it is expected to employ more than 28.4 million employees by 2022.
Therefore, this sector will have one of the utmost incremental human resource requirement of around 11.7 million by 2022.

What will you study

• Basics of Logistics
• Role of Supply Chain Management
• operation management
• Supply Chain Technics & policies
• Business management
• Warehouse management
• Procurement technics & policies


• Customer Service Manager
• Process Associate
• Consultant
• Logistics Engineer
• Vendor Managed Inventory Controller
• Warehouse Operations Manager
• Systems Support Manager

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Online

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the major and key elements of any business be it a small or big enterprise. Once you complete your graduation and want to involve yourself intensively in the domains of logistics and supply chain management Online Diploma in Logistics Management is one course for you! This professional diploma in logistics and supply chain management online focuses on making aspirants have exceptional conceptual, analytical, and decision-making skills required to drive exponential and unmatched business growth generating maximum ROI.

An online diploma in logistics and supply chain management course prepares you to thrive as a leader in the massively growing logistics industry. With a wide spectrum of courses and top institutions available to choose from ICRI Online Learning is your one-stop platform to pursue this course with an extensive curriculum prepared by industry experts and academia aiming towards making aspirants job-ready in the logistics and Supply Chain Industry. With the tech-savvy era now with the increase in the e-commerce and retail sector, the logistics and Supply Chain Industry is in demand of skilled and qualified professionals to cater to the demands of the industry. ICRI online learning is giving out a professional 6 months program for a diploma in logistics and supply chain management online.

This program plays wonders for working professionals who have been in the industry for a long now and want to expand their learning to stay ahead in the game. This exclusively designed program for a diploma in logistics and supply chain management online by ICRI online learning makes you competent and job ready in various areas of logistics and supply chain. You learn about Procurement procedures. Techniques, warehouse management, inventory management, operations & Supply Chain Technics. The list has no end, there is much more to it. An online diploma in logistics and supply chain management is a skill-oriented program aiming towards making you future-ready for high-paying jobs in the logistics industry.

Why diploma in logistics and supply chain management online from us

1. Extensively designed curriculum thriving to prepare aspirants job-ready.

2. Live Support to students

3. Industry-based training modules

4. Flexibility

5. 100% Placement Assurance after the course

If you wish to work with the top logistics and supply chain business chains and are still confused about where to start ICRI Online Learning is your answer. Develop acumen and open up yourself to global opportunities with the unmatched program of diploma in logistics and supply chain management online and start upskilling your career.

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ICRI Online Learning with a vision to provide skill based learning to make them eligible for high paying future jobs in the field of Supply Chain Management, has designed PG Diploma in Logistics-Supply Chain Management for all graduates.

ICRI Online Learning offers you 100% placement with its industry network. You will be referred to 3 companies on behalf of your performance.

You will be referred to three companies but in order to be referred, you need to secure min 50% marks. Referred company reserves all the rights to accept or decline your candidature.

When candidature is rejected by referred company

When the performance is not up to the mark during the course duration or in interview.

It is available only if you withdraw your application in 48 hrs.

All courses have been created by ICRI after industry survey and feedbacks hence they are provided by ICRI only.

ICRI Online Learning is India’s first & the largest institute in online education of new age courses in Aviation & Logistics. Its parent organization has won 11+ awards for being the best institute for Aviation & Logistics.

ICRI Online learning is the leading educationist in Aviation & Logistics. As a matter of fact, the educational awareness was started by its parent organization ICRI which is currently working with world’s leading organizations like ICAO for supporting online education and in-fact is having AAI (Airport Authority of India) as nationally acclaimed body for training & recruitment. ICRI is the oldest organization in Aviation & Logistics.

You need to pay the complete payment in one go. Students have been given relaxation in form of installments which is not greater than the three installments.

Candidates are eligible to get interviewed by three companies. Candidates will not be forced to join. ICRI only guarantees the referral.

If you have been given offer by the first company, you will only be referred to 2nd company and not the 3rd one. As per placement terms, candidate can reject only one offer after being selected.

If you are rejected by first two companies, you will be directed to the third one then

ICRI online learning provides flexible timing of learning

Pre-recorded sessions by the experts or faculty of domain

Students will have their own login panel.