PG Diploma in

Certificate in Pharmacovigilance

PG Diploma in Pharamacovigilance

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

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Minimum eligibility criteria for application to the online clinical data management course would be either of the following:


MBBS | BAMS| BDS| BHMS| Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Graduates |
B.Pharm/M.Pharm & Graduates/ Post Graduates in Sciences/Life sciences/ BioSciences with any of the following subjects-Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics and Biotech.


Pharma co-vigilance (PV) aims to enhance patient care and safety in relation to the use of medicines. PV is the science of discovery, evaluation, understanding and prevention of adverse effects of medicines. Its goal is to support public health programmes by providing balanced information so that the risk-benefit profile of medicines are rightly calculated.

What will you study

  • Module I – Introduction to Clinical Research & pharmacovigilance
  • Module II – Basic Pharmacology and Pharmacy in Clinical Research
  • Module III – New Drug Development
  • Module IV – Ethical Guidelines in Clinical Research
  • Module V – Ethics in Clinical Research
  • Module VI – Regulations in Clinical Research
  • Module VII – Biostatistics in Clinical Research

Everything you need to know about industry-oriented Pharmacovigilance course

Are you thinking about engaging in drug safety? If so, the Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance program offered by ICRI online is the ultimate pick for you. This blog post will go through all you need to know about the PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance, including the curriculum and the job options open to graduates. You can acquire the knowledge and competencies required to succeed as an expert. Continue reading to find out more about this fascinating program!

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Pharmacovigilance: What is it?

Pharmacovigilance is a field of study that examines the safety of drugs, their potential Pharmacovigilance is a branch of investigation that examines drug safety, potential side effects, and probable drug-drug interactions. Monitoring drug use, looking for any adverse effects, and reporting this information to regulatory agencies and medical specialists are all part of it. Pharmacovigilance strives to ensure patients' safe medicine use while avoiding severe side effects. This includes discovering novel medicine hazards, preventing or reducing harm from their usage, and educating medical professionals on the benefits and drawbacks of certain treatments.

Pharmacovigilance, which aids in the early detection of pharmaceutical issues before they become serious or life-threatening, is crucial to drug safety. Additionally, it is used to analyze drug interactions, track drug efficacy, and monitor

What are the benefits of this program?

Students who want to gain a thorough understanding of the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical medications can do so by enrolling in the ICRI Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance. In terms of drug risk assessment, evaluation, management, and reporting, this curriculum offers substantial theoretical and practical expertise. Clinical trials and pharmacovigilance-related regulatory issues are also covered.

For people with an interest in pharmacovigilance, this program offers a range of possibilities. First, it provides a full understanding of the fundamental ideas and procedures essential for effective pharmacovigilance. Additionally, it equips students with the information and abilities needed to work in pharmaceutical sector divisions responsible for drug safety.

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Why choose ICRI?

If you're looking for a comprehensive education in pharmacovigilance, then ICRI's Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance is the perfect option. The program is delivered through an online platform, allowing students to complete the program from anywhere in the world with a comprehensive curriculum making aspirants ready for new-age careers. This program is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge required for success in the pharmacovigilance industry. ICRI's expert faculty members are experienced professionals who have worked in various areas of pharmacovigilance so they can provide valuable insights and practical examples. Additionally, all lectures and materials are available online, making it easy for students to review and revise their learning whenever needed.

ICRI's Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance is the perfect option for you. With the comprehensive education and real-world experience gained through this program, you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. What are you waiting for? Grab your place and be a part of this lucrative industry.

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