PG Diploma in

Psychology by ICRI Online Learning

ICRI - PG Diploma in psychology

PG Diploma in Psychology by ICRI Online Learning

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

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All Graduates can apply. Best suited for students completed BA Psychology


To provide participants the online course in Psychology to elevate the career through the opportunities available in different sectors.


  • Online classes by industry experts
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  • Anytime access to recorded sessions
  • 100% placement Assistance

Course Content

Introduction to Psychology 1. Definition of Psychology 2. History of Psychology 3. Six Major Schools of Thought in Psychology 4. Learning 5. Memory 6. Thinking and Language 7. Motivation 8. Emotions and stress

Understanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorders 1. Definition of Abnormal Psychology 2. History of Abnormal Psychology 3. Affective Disorder 4. Anxiety Disorder 5. Personality Disorder 6. Schizophrenia 7. Substance Use Disorder

Counseling Psychology 1. Introduction to Counseling Psychology 2. Purpose of Counseling Psychology 3. Goals of Counseling Psychology 4. Counseling Psychology Vs. Psychotherapy 5. Counseling Skills 6. Steps for Counseling Psychology 7. Ethical Issues in Counseling Psychology 8. Stages of Counseling 9. Psychodynamic Approaches 10. Existentialism 11. Client centered 12. REBT: Rational emotive behavior Therapy 13. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Why to pursue from ICRI Online Learning– we provide you 100% placement opportunity as:

  • Education Counselor in school & colleges
  • Sports Counselor in Colleges
  • Counselor in NGOs
  • Counselor in Hospitals
  • Counselor in Youth Forums
  • Counselor in MNCs

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ICRI online learning with a vision to provide skill based learning to make them eligible for high paying future jobs in the field of Psychology, has designed PG Diploma in Psychology for Life-Science Graduates/ medical graduates & psychology graduates

ICRI online learning offers you 100% placement with its industry network. You will be referred to 3 companies on behalf of your performance.

You will be referred to three companies but in order to be referred, you need to secure min 50% marks. Referred company reserves all the rights to accept or decline your candidature.

When candidature is rejected by referred company

When the performance is not up to the mark during the course duration or in interview.

It is available only if you withdraw your application in 48 hrs.

The course is affiliated by ICRI Online Learning only

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You need to pay the complete payment in one go. Students have been given relaxation in form of installments which is not greater than the three installments.

Candidates are eligible to get interviewed by three companies. Candidates will not be forced to join. ICRI only guarantees the referral.

If you have been given offer by the first company, you will only be referred to 2nd company and not the 3rd one. As per placement terms, candidate can reject only one offer after being selected.

If you are rejected by first two companies, you will be directed to the third one then

ICRI online learning provides flexible timing of learning

Pre-recorded sessions by the experts or faculty of domain

Students will have their own login panel