PG Diploma in

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PG Diploma in Psychology by ICRI Online Learning

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

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All Graduates can apply. Best suited for students completed BA Psychology


To provide participants the online course in Psychology to elevate the career through the opportunities available in different sectors.


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Course Content

Introduction to Psychology 1. Definition of Psychology 2. History of Psychology 3. Six Major Schools of Thought in Psychology 4. Learning 5. Memory 6. Thinking and Language 7. Motivation 8. Emotions and stress

Understanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorders 1. Definition of Abnormal Psychology 2. History of Abnormal Psychology 3. Affective Disorder 4. Anxiety Disorder 5. Personality Disorder 6. Schizophrenia 7. Substance Use Disorder

Counseling Psychology 1. Introduction to Counseling Psychology 2. Purpose of Counseling Psychology 3. Goals of Counseling Psychology 4. Counseling Psychology Vs. Psychotherapy 5. Counseling Skills 6. Steps for Counseling Psychology 7. Ethical Issues in Counseling Psychology 8. Stages of Counseling 9. Psychodynamic Approaches 10. Existentialism 11. Client centered 12. REBT: Rational emotive behavior Therapy 13. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Why to pursue from ICRI Online Learning– we provide you 100% placement opportunity as:

  • Education Counselor in school & colleges
  • Sports Counselor in Colleges
  • Counselor in NGOs
  • Counselor in Hospitals
  • Counselor in Youth Forums
  • Counselor in MNCs

Psychology Online Certificate Courses in India

Everything you need to know about Psychology Online Certificate Courses in India

Psychology is a multidisciplinary research of the mind and behavioral patterns of humans. Those who study psychology are referred to as psychologists. They generally attempt to comprehend people's behaviors to help them manage stress and make better decisions. Psychology courses investigate human life experiences, behaviors, actions, thinking, perception, interactions, language, and personal traits. Candidates looking for this aspiring career can pursue a diploma program and certification in psychology online certificate courses in India, as well as doctoral programs such as the MPhil in Psychology.

Is studying psychology useful in everyday life? Absolutely. Here are great reasons why learning psychology can help you personally.

We polled psychology graduates to determine the long-term benefits of studying the subject at university. These are the top advantages that have been identified. They can all help you in your everyday life. They can also assist you throughout your career, even if you do not go on to become a professional psychologist.

Individual Skills

Even studying psychology online gives you an advantage in interrelationships with friends, family, work colleagues, employers, and even loving relationships. You have a better chance of achieving balance and mutual satisfaction.

Personal Counseling

After studying psychology, you might be able to overcome your phobia of clowns, spiders, or something else. In fact, learning about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) provides you with a self-help tool for correcting a wide range of negative patterns of thought.

Strategies for Success

Another advantage is that you establish self-improvement and success strategies. Those would be the result of your studies if you paid attention and related your studies to your personal situation.

Problem-Solving Capabilities

Studying psychology improves your problem-solving abilities, allowing you to better manage life circumstances, overcome obstacles, and accomplish things. Studying psychology teaches you to look at problems from various angles, which is essential for finding the most effective and beneficial solutions.

Why choose ICRI Online Learning?

ICRI aims to prepare aspirants for new-age careers one such program is a psychology online certificate course in India that was created from the ground up by an experienced instructor who is a social psychology expert. This course contains hours of video content, helpful thought exercises, external resources, and quizzes to keep you on track. If you are presently enrolled in a social psychology class and would like to look at the same stuff from a more comprehensive viewpoint, this is the course for you! After learning about the convincing research conducted in this area of psychology, you're bound to gain a new admiration for your social environment.

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ICRI online learning with a vision to provide skill based learning to make them eligible for high paying future jobs in the field of Psychology, has designed PG Diploma in Psychology for Life-Science Graduates/ medical graduates & psychology graduates

ICRI online learning offers you 100% placement with its industry network. You will be referred to 3 companies on behalf of your performance.

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