PG Diploma in

Public Health

Healthcare Industry

PG Diploma in Public Health

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

  • Eligibility
  • Objective
  • Deliverables
  • Benefit to the students
  • What Will you Study



All Life Science Graduates/ Doctors/ Pharmacy Graduates can apply

What will you study

  • Emerging Trends Of Management
  • Economics For Management
  • International Business Environment
  • Financial Accounting And Reporting
  • Statistics For Management
  • Introduction To public Health
  • Marketing & E-commerce
  • Business Communication
  • NGO Management
  • Communicable & Non-communicable Disease
  • Women And Child Health And Gender Issues
  • Epidemiology And Public Health Administration
  • Human Biology & Public Health Chemistry
  • Occupational, Industrial And Urban Health
  • Healthcare, Social Policy And Health Insurance
  • Health Systems Development & Management
  • Health Psychology, Communication & Counseling

What would you become?

  • Policy Specialist
  • Public Health Analyst
  • Health Information Specialist
  • Health Education Specialist
  • Research Analyst
  • Health Promotion Manager
  • Wellness Officer

Areas to be served

  • Health Administration & Community Health
  • Health Policies
  • Biostatistics
  • Health insurance companies
  • Epidemiology


ICRI has launched Online PG Diploma in Public Health course to strengthen the future task -force for upcoming job roles that require competency and pre-acquired job training

Professionals can take up this course to enter in the most diversified sector ie public health as there will be a requirement of approx. 2.5 lac of certified professionals.

Know your subject: The structure & administration of public health organizations and the policies made under health programmes & their reimbursement counted as Public Health Policy.

Why Public Health?

As the Indian Healthcare industry is booming & has touched U$D 280 million in 2020 already, hence, there is an evident growth in health services of the country. India has become the leading destination for high-end diagnostic services that need immediate attention of health policies, hence, generating lacs of career opportunities in the sector for skilled professionals.

Opportunities are majorly available with health agencies at all the levels. The course designed for aspirants helps them to be the masters in public health, medical services and medical technologies along with their implications. Government is also playing a crucial role in improving health services at hospitals promoting indigenous manufacturing of medicines.


  • Online classes by industry experts
  • Live Sessions
  • Anytime access to recorded sessions
  • 100% placement Assistance

Benefit to the students

This course comes with 100% placement opportunity provided by ICRI Online Learning.

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