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PG Diploma in
Medical Scribing

Medical Scribing

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Scribing

Duration of COURSE – 6 Months

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Eligibility: Life Science Graduate, Medical Graduate, Dentistry, Pharma Graduate science graduate.

Duration: 6 Months


  • Every ICRI registered student gets a unique username and password for accessing study material.
  • Teaching is a mix of pre-recorded sessions.
  • Our job portal connects our online students to employers and gets them the best suitable job.
  • You have access for up to 7 days if a class is missed or have a busy schedule at work.
  • You can clear your doubts or queries by coming to any of our centers and asking for additional help.
  • Upon completion of every lecture is assessed Merit hub, giving a practical approach to learning


Benefits of the Course:

The life of a scribe is filled with challenges without ever getting dull. There is constant learning in the process which keeps the scribes on their toes.

  1. It helps build your medical knowledge:  The most difficult part of the scribing course is mastering the medical terminologies. The scribes, after all, need to keep up with the medical terminologies while entering the information in the EHR. Being familiar with medical terminologies is incredibly useful in case the scribe is interested in pursuing additional education in the medical field.
  2. Career Growth: The scribes continue to receive training and gain experience which can help them to advance to the position of medical scribe trainer and even chief scribe.
  3. It will help you work as a clinician in the future: As a medical scribe, you will work alongside a clinician on a day-to-day basis which will help you to gain a better understanding of the work life of a clinician and overall the medical industry.

What will you study

What will you study?

  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Coding
  • Communication (Written& Verbal) & Personality Development
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Comprehensive Pharmacology
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Scribe Essentials
  • Mock Patients Visits

Empowering Your Healthcare Career: The Benefits of Pursuing a Medical Scribing Course at ICRI

The scientific subject is constantly evolving, with breakthroughs in research, progressive remedies, and advancements in affected person care shaping the panorama of healthcare. To navigate this ever-converting industry effectively, it’s vital to equip oneself with comprehensive information and sensible capabilities. One group that stands out in supplying super Medical Scribe Training in Delhi is the Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI). ICRI has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to excellence in education and its consciousness of producing extraordinarily skilled experts who contribute notably to the healthcare region.

Enrolling in a clinical scribing route at ICRI can offer numerous blessings that pave the way for a worthwhile medical profession. Cutting-aspect Curriculum: ICRI is famous for its industry-relevant curriculum, which is continuously updated to mirror cutting-edge developments in healthcare. Medical scribing publications at ICRI provide complete schooling that covers medical terminology, documentation strategies, electronic health statistics (EHR) systems, and in-depth information on diverse medical specialties. This ensures that students are nicely organized to contribute successfully to the clinical crew.

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Hands-on Experience: One of the standout capabilities of ICRI’s medical scribing course is its emphasis on fingers-on revel. Students are exposed to real-world situations and challenges that medical scribes regularly face. Through simulated patient interactions, students benefit from realistic insights into correctly documenting medical histories, remedy plans, and medical doctor-affected person interactions. This experiential gaining knowledge of approach equips college students with the confidence and competence to excel in their roles.

Expert Faculty: ICRI takes pleasure in its faculty, which accommodates experienced specialists and professionals within the medical discipline. These educators carry their expertise and sensible insights into the lecture room, giving students a unique opportunity to research from enterprise insiders. The guidance and mentorship provided using the college at ICRI contribute significantly to college students’ usual getting to know to enjoy. 

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career opportunity

Career Opportunities: ICRI’s Medical scribing course qualification opens doorways to an extensive range of career opportunities in the healthcare zone. Graduates are geared up with competencies enormously sought by medical practices, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare groups. Medical scribes are crucial in enhancing healthcare delivery efficiency by ensuring correct and well-timed documentation, which is imperative to patient care, billing, and prison compliance. 

Contribution to Patient Care: Medical scribes, via their meticulous documentation, contribute immediately to progressed patient care. By helping physicians with correct record-keeping and administrative obligations, clinical scribes permit doctors to awareness greater of directly affected person interactions and clinical choice-making. This dynamic complements the overall patient reveal and results in better effects.

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networking opportunities

Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in ICRI’s medical scribing course also offers students superb networking opportunities. Interacting with fellow students, school, and industry professionals at some stage in the route creates a treasured professional community that can be leveraged for a professional boom. Additionally, ICRI often hosts visitor lectures, workshops, and seminars, permitting students to hook up with leaders and innovators in the healthcare area.

Ethical and Legal Understanding: Proper medical documentation isn’t only about accurate record-retaining and approximately preserving moral and criminal standards. ICRI’s medical scribing direction educates college students about the significance of patient confidentiality, statistics protection, and compliance with healthcare policies. This knowledge ensures that graduates aren’t only gifted scribes but additionally responsible experts.

Ultimately, enrolling in a medical scribing course at the Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is a wise preference for anyone aspiring to construct a hit career within the healthcare area. With its present-day curriculum, hands-on enjoyment, professional college, and emphasis on ethics and technology, ICRI equips college students with the skills and know-how needed to excel as scientific scribes. Graduates of ICRI’s clinical scribing direction could be better prepared for fast entry into the group of workers; however, they are also positioned to make significant contributions to the enhancement of affected person care and the advancement of the medical area.